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January 3, 2011


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2010 End-of-year Wigs Review

Mon Jan 3, 2011, 4:37 AM
Edit: Added some wig shops I missed. XD And some more wig pics donated by astachan <3

As promised, here's the wig review for this past year(2010) I was supposed to post this up before new year, but...yeah, I was late as usual. XD Hope everyone is having a good 2011 so far!

I'll try to make this as simple as possible.(but I seem to always write long journal..) This review will include 3 sections: Japanese shops, Ebay shops, and Taobao(China) shops. I will put link on how to buy from these online shops. Link to their websites is on the title of their shop. Also, if you click on the image of the wig, it will show you the link to the exact wig that I bought from that shop(if it's still available). The price range of wigs is estimated with shipping(+other fees) to the USA. My head size is around 22", a bit bigger than average person's head, but I have short hair, so keep that in mind when comparing size of wig cap.

Disclaimer: Please understand that this review is based on my experience alone, and I'm not in anyway associated with the wig shops mentioned here. These are my non-bias opinions and experience with the wigs I bought.

::Japanese wig shops::
How to buy from these shops? =>…

- Airily -
(Airily can do international shipping, English guide here:… )
Price range: $60-$90
Heat-resistant: Yes
Wig cap fitting: They now only have size F which is one-size fit all. I only got size S from them, so size F should be a bit bigger. Fitting should be no problem.
Fiber quality: THE BEST. And I dare say again, their fiber is the best I've touched in wigs(and I've touched many many wigs) It's very soft to the touch, and it's less to none tangle as far as long wig goes. Although, the long wig that I got, the back part near the neck is visible when I lift the hair up. I can clearly see the black wig cap. So I would not recommend it if you want to get a long wig from them and put it in a high ponytail. It seems that their best strength is their short wigs.(which I've always been raving about) Their short wigs are very thick and full.
Styling-wise: Very easy to style. Since their short wigs are thick, I could cut it as short to the wigcap as I need for boy haircut, and it will still look natural. The front hairline of the wig can be combed back and it won't show the lace of the wig at all.
Overall rating: 9.5/10 (half a point deducted for their long wigs)

- Classe -
Price range: $50-$70
Heat-resistant: Yes
Wig cap fitting: This one is a little too fitted, meaning there is no room to move on my head. If you have long hair, their wig might be a bit tight on you, but it should still be wear-able.
Fiber quality: Very nice! I LOVE how their wig fibers look in photo. Just gorgeous. Their wigs are medium in thickness, just enough for me to style. But now they came out with another style that's more thick, so you can check that one out if you want to. They have very large variety of wig colors.
Styling-wise: While I love their fiber, it seems a bit hard to style their wig. It was hard for me to change the parting at the top of the wig. Some wigs will allow you to do that easily, but not this one. But then again, maybe I was a bit of a noob back when I was working on this wig. The front hairline isn't very natural when combed back, but it worked.
Overall rating: 8.5/10 (love their wigs, but a bit hard to style for me)

- ii-shop -
Price range: $45-$60
Heat-resistant: Yes
Wig cap fitting: Their wigcap is quite large. Sometime too large on me. This is good for people with bigger head. It's pretty comfortable to wear. The back of the wigcap has this section that fit perfectly to my neck, I like that alot.(kinda hard to explain, but some wigs don't have this at all)
Fiber quality: Good!~ I love how it's not too shiny, the shine is just right. It looks very nice in photo as well. Their wigs are medium in thickness.
Styling-wise: Quite easy to style and spike up. This is one of the less expensive Japanese wig shops online that can really deliver. Their long wigs are great too and pretty thick. I got a long wig for Gakupo and was able to style it quite easily.(more review on that next year, probably)
Overall rating: 9/10 (love their prices and the quality!)

(DC movie Sheryl by astachan ^^ )

- CharaStar's -
Price range: $60-$70
Heat-resistant: Yes
Wig cap fitting: Their wigs fit just right on my head, no problem.
Fiber quality: I like their fibers a a lot. It's not too shiny, seems a bit dry, but it looks great in photos. About medium in thickness for most of their wigs, but also depends on style. Their character wigs are great, I think they're one of the shops that has most accurate character wigs so far.
Styling-wise: Very easy to style. If you get a wig and intend to use for the character it's meant for, you only need to trim it a bit.(Like, for my Ichigo wig) They usually have steps on styling the character wigs on the wig page, so you can also use that as guide.
Overall rating: 8.5/10 (Great character wigs, but the fibers are not the smoothest)

- Shorty -
(You can buy directly from their rakuten shop without using buying service)
Price range: $50-$60
Heat-resistant: Yes
Wig cap fitting: Their wigcap size is just right for my head. No complaint on that.
Fiber quality: Not the best I've seen but I'd say it's quite nice. Their wig is a little thinner than Classe's.
Styling-wise: Very easy to style. It worked very well with the hair product I used for styling.
Overall rating: 8/10 (love that I can get their wigs easily, but it could be thicker)

(special appearance by Angela-Chao haha)

- Prichara -
Price range: $60-$70
Heat-resistant: Yes
Wig cap fitting: The size seem just right for me as well.
Fiber quality: Pretty nice. ^^b The one I got has a blend of different color fibers. It's sometime hard to predict how it'd look in photos because the color can change completely depends on different lighting. Medium in thickness. But I love that I can put the wig into a ponytail without having to adjust the back hairline at all. They get lots of point for that.
Styling-wise: Quite easy to style. No complaints here.
Overall rating: 8.5/10 (not a fan of how the wig look in photos sometime..)

- Jail -
Price range: $70-$80
Heat-resistant: Yes
Wig cap fitting: The wigcap is a bit tight, I'd say. But still wearable.
Fiber quality: Honestly, I'm not a fan of how their fiber look, I only got this wig because they have the exact color that I needed. Medium in thickness, but could be thicker for the prices of their wigs.(note: not cheap)
Styling-wise: It was a struggle really. I tried to spike this wig up, and I could not get it to stay up. It's hard to style for me.
Overall rating: 5/10 (I don't get why Cosmode always uses their wigs for tutorial because I could not work with their wigs, I just can't.)

::Ebay wig shops::
How to buy from these shops? => I don't think you need instruction on this. XD But anyway, here's a link…

- Ayanamisatoru -
(Also has a shop on Taobao=> )
Price range: $35-$50
Heat-resistant: Yes
Wig cap fitting: Their wigs mostly fit me, no problem.
Fiber quality: I'm always a fan of how their fiber look in photo. Seriously, you'd think their wigs were from some fancy Japanese wig shops. Medium in thickness. But long wigs tend to be a bit thinner than short wigs, also depends on which style you get though. I've never really worked with their long wigs, but I heard it tangles alot.(because the fiber is a little dry or something)
Styling-wise: Very easy to style. Even a beginner at wig styling can work with their wig. Long wigs are a bit troublesome to work with, it seems. Because it tends to curl at the end tip of the wig, it's not easy to iron it straight. I'd recommend their short wigs but not so much the long wigs.
Overall rating: 9/10 (I always get wigs from here, never disappoint me)

- Cosplay Wig -
Price range: $35-$50
Heat-resistant: Yes
Wig cap fitting: Their wigcaps are good size. I have some room to breath when I wear the wigs.
Fiber quality: This really depends on which style you get. Most of their custom character wigs are pretty thick. Their long wigs tend to be on the thinner side though.
Styling-wise: Quite easy to work with. I was really impressed with the wig I got for Shizuo.(custard blonde layered) It was easy to spike the volume of the hair up with some hair product and a bit of heat from the hairdryer.
Overall rating: 8.5/10 (could improve on being more consistent in quality of their overall wigs)

- Charissa-KIDS -
(Also has a shop on Taobao=> )
Price range: $40-$60
Heat-resistant: Yes and No, depends on style.
Wig cap fitting: Fit my head quite nicely.
Fiber quality: Their fiber is okay..not impressed and not disappointed. The wig is a bit thin in the back.
Styling-wise: Pretty easy to style. I used flat iron on the wig, and it looked great.(use low heat though)
Overall rating: 7/10 (not on the top of my list, but their character wigs are quite good)

(Moe Miku by astachan <3 )

- Siswig -
Price range: about $30 (I got mine when it was on-sale for $10 :D )
Heat-resistant: Yes
Wig cap fitting: Fit my head, but feels a little tight.
Fiber quality: The fiber is a bit shiny IRL, but it manage to look pretty nice in photos. About medium in thickness.
Styling-wise: Pretty easy to style for the most part. But when I try to pull on it as I style, some fiber came loose easily.(maybe just because of the wig I got on-sale LOL) But it takes hair product quite well. I also used some powder on the hair to make it less shiny(baby powder is recommended)
Overall rating: 7/10 (still have doubts in their quality, might try another wig from them)

- Wig Elegance -
Price range: $40-$150 (depends on bid result for some items)
Heat-resistant: Yes and No, depends on style.
Wig cap fitting: It fit me quite perfectly. The lace front wig that I got, comes with little combs at the front so it secures more on my head as I wear.(I think this is pretty normal for lace front wigs? Not sure, since this is the only one I own)
Fiber quality: Very natural-lookig fiber. Even their non-human hair wigs look very natural in person. The wig I got has blends of blond colors, I love it!
Styling-wise: Pretty easy to style. And it takes hair product very well. I was worry at first about working on this wig since it's not meant to use for cosplay specifically. But it works surprising well.(if you intend to heavily style it, get the wigs that say "High-temp" or something that means heat-resistant)
Overall rating: 8.5/10 (great wigs, but not meant for casual cosplay...LOL you will break your wallet)

::Taobao(China) wig shops::
How to buy from these shops? =>……
(I personally use Taobaobuying: )

- Lucaille -
Price range: $20-$30
Heat-resistant: Yes and No, depends on style. (tip: look for this word "高温丝" in the description or title of the wig. It means "heat-resistant")
Wig cap fitting: A bit small as one would expect from China wig shops. XD But still wearable for me.
Fiber quality: I like how their fiber look, and it's not easily tangled for the long wig. A bit thin at some part though.
Styling-wise: Pretty easy to work with. I didn't have to do much styling on the wig I got except for cutting, so I can't say much about that.
Overall rating: 7.5/10 (could be a bit thicker, but they have some nice wigs)

- Fantasy Sheep -
Price range: $20-$30
Heat-resistant: Yes
Wig cap fitting: Plenty of room, and I mean plenty. Their wigcaps surprised me alot. It's big but it's adjustable, so it can fit any head size easily.
Fiber quality: Great fiber. It looks good even with flash photography. I love that it's VERY thick. The front hairline can be combed back, no problem.
Styling-wise: I haven't used hair product on it or style it for real yet. But I can tell that it's really easy to work with. In the pic, I only used my hand to shape it, and the hair stayed up. So, it's probably very easy to spike.
Overall rating: 9/10 (affordable prices for such great wigs, who wouldn't love that?)

And that's all for 2010 wig reviews! Hope that helps some of you to decide on your next wig purchases. Good luck with your plans for 2011, guys! :D

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Jessie-kun Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
I'm going to be ordering a wig from ii-shop, and their site says their wigs accommodate head sizes up to 22.8 inches. I have a 22.5 inch head, but just in case it ends up too tight/small, what can I do to stretch it out?
red-cluster Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2013
I think it should be fine for your head size. Other than adjusting the straps in the back, I don't know other method to stretch out a wig..
Jessie-kun Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
Also, it said something about 60 cm but no matter where I translate it it doesn't make sense... Can they make 60 cm wigs?
Sakuangel Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013
a really good list ^^ I will be sure to remember them. by the way do have any recommendation for a yukki onna wig? I been looking for one. I have heard the best one is from yukicos on taobao
red-cluster Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
I like this one [link] But you might wanna color the black wavy lines across the sides by sharpie or some other wig coloring method. That or make a new thing with black wefts and get it to lay flat against the wig.
Sakuangel Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
ah saw wig. I really liked the the color. I also found that the seller has a english page now ^^ so it was easy to purchase, .also thanks for the tips . ^^
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Hello! Sorry to bother you but do you know if its possible to get lace front wigs in white that are decent quality?
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You can look at Arda wig's site: [link]
They have some good lace front wigs that's not too pricey.
1000014 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You are a GEM. My partner also says THANKYOU very much.

When I tried searching, I kept finding just natural to day wigs. Or party wigs. :|
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I wanted to buy a long wig :o which wig doesn't tangle easily?
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